Leonardo Boff on The Eucharist and Love of Neighbour



Forgive me, the language in this quote is a bit more academic ‘like’ than I am usually comfortable sharing on anabaptistly, but the gist of it is well worth it… and Boff is awesome!

There is a deep connection between love of God and love of neighbour.  Jesus explicitly speaks love God, love neighbour as the greatest commandment.  Boff wonderfully interprets the importance and functionality of the Eucharist (communion) in light of this divine reality.

We must love our neighbour with the same sweeping movement with which we love God.  After all, there is really only one commandment: the commandment of love.  Love of God is ‘veri-fied’ – ‘made true’ in love of neighbour.  Any celebration pretending to center on God, to the exclusion of mending broken relationships will fail in its quest for God. After all, it has effectively blocked the road that infallibly leads to God: the path…

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