What I might mean by ‘Resurrection’

I appreciate my classmate Shane Akerman’s take on the resurrection in this post, and it was timely for me having just listened to a Homebrewed Christianity “Theology Nerd Throwdown” podcast episode on the same subject. Tripp Fuller and Jonnie Russell talk about two opposing accounts of the resurrection that resurfaced in a blogosphere debate between Tony Jones and Marcus Borg, as well what each of them might be missing. You can listen to the full episode here.


second coming of christ

Matt, your recent post about the truth of the resurrection, the appearance of Jesus, and the last judgment really hit home with me. I agree with you when you say that we cannot simply ‘demythologize’ these aspects of the faith. It seems that a ‘translation’ of these words into secular concepts is useless. If resurrection and parousia had secular equivalents then we would have no need of the gospel.

While we must allow ourselves to be confronted and challenged by this ‘strange world’, we cannot give ourselves over entirely to fantasy. Many of my posts since we’ve started this blog have been my attempts at wrestling with this problem. This is more of that.

His and Ours

First, I’m compelled to believe that whatever one claims about the resurrection of Jesus has to be applicable to the resurrection of the believer. The apostolic witness seems rather clear on this point…

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