This blog has evolved over the years to reflect the journey of my learning, writing and now preaching and teaching in both church and academic settings. As of March 2016, I have completed my work on a PhD in philosophy of religion and theology at Claremont Graduate University, so I’m looking forward to embarking on some new projects, but also simply to having a little more time in life for the things that matter most!

Currently I am an associate pastor at Saint Peter’s Church in Charleston, SC, which is part of an Anglican Diocese called Churches for the Sake of Others. For two years prior to this, I was an adjunct professor of Christian ethics, theology and philosophy at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. My denominational background is Baptist (the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship), and I earned my masters degree from Truett Theological Seminary.  I’ve also worked as a youth and young adult minister, and as an SAT/ACT test prep tutor.

In undergrad, I studied economics, Spanish, and international business at Baylor University. My wife Whitney and I have had the chance to spend extended time in countries like Spain, Mexico and Argentina. Partly as a result of this, for a while now I’ve been exploring how these different subjects intersect within the broader context of globalization, violence and the calling on the church for a faithfulness in the midst of suffering and exclusion. This is also the subject of my doctoral dissertation, in which I draw on the writings of Catholic theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar and Latin American political philosopher Enrique Dussel.

I always welcome comments and inquiries from people who are interested in talking about anything related to what I’m doing. You can reach me at williamawalkeriii@gmail.com.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Larry Hart

    Just a note to say I enjoyed this piece on Kathryn Tanner. I just read a review of Christ the Key in Expository Times and was wanting a better explanation of her theory of the atonement. This was helpful. Keep up the good work.
    Pax vobiscum,
    Father Lawrence D. Hart, OPA

  2. Bill Post author

    Thanks, Father Larry. Glad to know it was of some use. I see you are in San Diego – I’ll be spending some time there this summer more than likely. Blessings in your ministry.

  3. richard grenell

    loved your review of jay bakker’s book. i live with my partner in Los Angeles. Any church recommendations for us? we live near the beaches. having a hard time finding one that accepts us but isn’t so watered down that its a club.

  4. Bill Post author

    Great question Richard. Glad you liked the review. You know, I’m fairly new to the area myself, but I have a friend who could definitely answer that, so I’ll see what I can find out and then get back to you.

  5. William

    HI Bill, Love what I have read so far. Was Ryan at Baylor during your time there? He’s a friend and I mention not to draw attention to me…but entice you to send me your email address. I have several questions for you. Blessings,

  6. Dan Heck

    Just found your blog. Thanks for a fresh and diligent view of reason to further our/my desire to grow in reasoned faith!

  7. Philip Scriber

    Hi Bill! My apologies for the comment like this but I couldn’t find a more direct way to contact you. Mike Morrell and I really appreciate your blog, and think you’d be an excellent candidate for our Speakeasy Blogger Network. Do you like to review off-the-beaten path faith, spirituality, and culture books? Speakeasy puts interesting books in your hands at no charge to you. You only get books when you request them, and it’s free to join. Sign up here, if you’d like: http://thespeakeasy.info

    You’re not on any contact lists, I promise; if you don’t respond, that’s it, and the invitation is open as long as you’re actively blogging. Hope you join us!

  8. Ryan Forletta

    HHHHIIII BILL! Wonderful blog you have here. We at church miss you And we hope your haveing a good time love. SCUM

  9. Tina Rimov

    Hi Bill,

    I’ve just finished reading your sermon on Confession, Accountability and Vulnerability. In it you mention that it is part of a series, but also that another person, TJ, spoke on the series “Unimaginable” that you are part of. I wondered if the transcripts of those sermons were also available somewhere and if you could give me an idea of how many in the series remain and when they will be available? Thank you so much for the sermon, it is exactly what I need right now and I know God led me here because of that.


  10. Bill Walker Post author

    Hi Tina, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the transcripts from TJ’s sermon’s are not available, but you can listen to them at saintpeters.me/categories/sermons. You will see all six sermons in the series posted for streaming or download there. You can also listen on iTunes.

    I’m very glad to hear your were blessed by it!

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